Providing award winning products, solutions and support for the Gulf- more than a decade

Partnered with best companies- ERPNext for ERP and CRM, 3CX for call center solution, Google and Microsoft for cloud computing, Sonicwall, Fortinet for Data and netowok security. Offers the best technical combinations all the time

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ERP on the cloud

After COVID-19, concept of hosting ERP on premises has dead forever. We host ERP on the best data centers.

Anytime support

Having call cetners in the region, our support team speaks your language.

Early on cloud

One of the first company in the region to adapt cloud technology.

Google Hosting

Partnered with Google, we offer the best for cloud hosting.

Data security

Helping companies in the region to protect thier valuable data.


We integrate multiple technologies with ERP, like call centers and CRM.

Integrate everything

Our developer team supports integration from anything to everything, like ERP, CRM, IVR to DB, CRM to phone system, Recording to forensic etc.

With Claudion

Hundreds of companies in the region hosted their ERP and CRM with Claudion. Integrated CRM, ERP and E-Commerce and saved millions on operation and increased efficiency.

More than a decade, we provide the best technology in the region

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Best ERP implementations

We have successfully implemented ERP, CRM and Call centers for the best companies in the region.

Best of cloud hosting

Hosted call-centers, DB, and Emails for the best enterprises, Govt and SMBs.

Data security

We partnered with best companies in the field, like Sonicwall and Fortinet to provide best protection for cloud and on-premise data.

Award Winning

Claudion won several awards for Data security, call centers and development.

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Free hosting and software support for charities who are helping COVID-19 victims.

It’s official. Patent for G.729 codec has been expired. Good news for Call centers .

ERPNext – World’s best open source ERP

100% open source ERP, No hidden licenses, No paid editions

Best support from Claudion.


Complete accounting software with 100% open sources. Supports VAT for GCC, Arabic accounting etc


HR Module compatible with special needs in the Gulf region


Payroll specially customized for WPS based payments


Manufacturing module for factories and other production units in the Gulf


Sales with retail module, with integration of POS machines, Scanners, and Handhel modules


As most globalized region in the world, purchased has always been complicated in the region. Our ERP manges it all well


We integrate CRM with call centers, Apps and social media

Help Desk

Help desk software for IT, with asset module and Email integration


Restaurants needs specialized modules, like kitchen printing, delivery etc. Our customized Restaurants module support all these


Special packages for start-ups, including free customization and hosting.

Thousands of installations

Used by more than 5000 companies across the world

100% Open-source

No long-term contracts. Anytime you can move to your own server or your own cloud