It is hard to select a solution provider for Cloud, even more difficult to select ERP. A significant amount of ERP implementations get failed or partially failed. Many companies just live with half baked ERPs, unless it is implemented by reputed consultants like Claudion.

Most consultants promise heaven and earth to the clients, and deliver the hell. ERP implementations start with a promise of finishing it in a month or two, but drags on and on and never finishes. Customization never ends. Promises are never kept, relationships are broken.

Claudion always took an alternate path on ERP implementation.

Our ERP is up and running from day one. It is so simple that clients need any training. Chart of account ready in few minutes. Ledger entry, invoicing all can be started in the first hour. Customization is being done parallelly.

Data migration, data entry, training etc will be taken care of by our experienced team.

Claudion ERP Implementations never fail, because we keep it as simple as possible.

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