Covid-19, the pandemic changed our life forever, has changed the ways businesses conducted for decades.

Now most communications happening online. Salesmen contact customers on phone, Email, or Whatsapp. End-users trying to find providers through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit or even google itself.

Once it’s all calls or social media posts, it is difficult to track. Who called, who followed-up, who dropped, who won, who lost.

CRM ( customer relationship managment ) becomes very important now for companies. Small companies once considered CRM and all a luxury, now finding it difficult to manage it.

ERPNext comes with an excellent CRM module, and Claudion did many more customization to integrate with many other apps and technologies.

As we are award winning golden partner of 3CX in the region, we have done complete integration with 3CX and ERPNext. Well tested and working.

And our on-site team is available for hosting support in Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi, and Oman

You can always contact our support team on on