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ERPNext on CentOS 8 – WARN: superuser privileges required for this command

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Refer this document for ERPNext installation on CentOS 8 , it is very precise, to the point and simple.

On this command ( bench setup supervisor ) you may get an error ( WARN: superuser privileges required for this command )

This one is very difficult to handle if you do not have very good understanding on Linux user and group related stuffs. Instead of resolving this, you can actually configure supervisord very easly. follow the steps below.

cd /etc/supervisord.d


Continue with the same document , but avoid this one (
Dont do this step – sudo ln -s `pwd`/config/supervisor.conf /etc/supervisord.d/frappe-bench.ini )

Then, finish all the steps on the same document.

Let me know if you are any other issues with this installation. Write into




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