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Update 6 Beta! On the Way to a Hosted by 3CX Solution

By 31 Jul 2020No Comments

We’re right on track for providing a hosted by 3CX solution! Coming soon, the commercial version will enable users to have 3CX host their phone system for them, eliminating all the management hassles associated with hosting and handling OS updates. Partners can already try this out on their own NFR keys, to experience a simple hosted solution at no cost. But that’s not all, Update 6 Beta also includes Office 365 synchronization updates and various other bug fixes

Many partners have already jumped on the bandwagon to experience this simple hosting solution that cuts out the complexities of administering the PBX in your own Cloud or On-Premise. 3CX takes care of the hosting, OS management and system updates, so you won’t ever need to bother with complex Linux system management ever again. Many features are pre-configured making it even simpler for users and partners alike.

  • Pre-activated Instance Manager – access the 3CX Instance Manager from your customer portal under “Instances”, to perform reboots and gain additional performance information.
  • Offsite Backups – 3CX automatically backs up and stores encrypted system configuration and call history records. Voicemail and recording files may be archived in a remote location of your choice. Backups of the instance can be performed using the Backup & Restore node from the management console.
  • Automatic Location Selection – All common settings are pre-set the moment you sign into the 3CX Management Console based on the partner’s registered address.

If you haven’t already done so, we urge our partners to try it for free. From the partner portal, select the deploy option and choose “Let 3CX Host” for your NFR key. You can choose this option for your test key, production license key, or both. Our hosting service is available in selected countries.

3CX Update 6 Beta adds a number of Office365 synchronization features, including:

  • Added the ability to set a starting extension number for Office 365 user synchronization.
  • Added the option to synchronize Office 365 users’ “Office phone” field with the extension’s “Outbound Caller ID”.
  • Added a “Synced with” column in the “Extensions” view to denote synced extensions from Office 365 as “Office 365”.
  • Updated the Office 365 synchronization process to be executed as a batch process.

How to Upgrade

Click on “Updates” in the Management Console’s Dashboard, select “v16 Update 6 Beta” and click on “Download Selected” to install this update on your PBX.

Alternatively, you can get v16 Update 6 Beta for Windows or Linux:

View the changelog for this version and give us your feedback via the community forum.

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