It’s very common complaint that reputed companies block or delay the emails from our company, or the intended recipient never receives our email? These are the common queries from our clients.

There are multiple reasons to happen this, and there are solutions as well. Keep reading.

First you need to find the exit point ( from your company) of your email. I mean the IP address on the email as sender IP. If you are hosting your email server inside your company premises this could be your pubic IP, or it will be the IP of your email provider, or an IP you subscribed from your cloud provider.

Either way you need to find the IP. There are many ways to find, I will tell you a simple way to find the IP.

Send an email to any Gmail account. Once you receive the email, either on spam folder or inbox, press the options and click on “show original” like shown below.

It opens a screen with all the details you need.

Look at this screenshot. Item-1 gives you the IP you are looking for.

Now, lets start serious job of resolving the issue.

1- Check your IP have reverse-DNS or not. This is very important. If your IP does not have reverse-DNS no company with basic protection will accept your email.

Use this link to check whether you have DNS server or not. . If it is not resolving your IP with a valid domain name ( like ) , you need to add one. Contact your ISP for that. If you are in Qatar , you need to contact Ooredoo or Vodafone for that.

2- On the above image look at item-2 , it’s SPF. You need to have your IP against your domain’s SPF record. And on gmail “show original” must show PASS as shown above. Else you are in trouble.

There are enough documentation on internet on how to add SPF record. If you are hosting with godaddy this link may help

3- Other most important thing is you must make sure your IP not in any major spam lists. Like spamhaus, spamcop, You can check it here

If you are listed on any major black list, you are in trouble again. These guys block you because you are actually sending spam emails. Surprised!, you may not know, but some machines in your network spywares and viruses and those machines could be sending spam emails. You need to sort those things out and apply for removal from blacklists. It’s hard, I know.

There are things like DKIM and DMARC, but companies not yet started to insist on that. But definitely you need to look into that as well, because fights against spam, spoofing and phishing are intensifiying and companies will act tougher and tougher. So make sure you do DKIM and DMARC for your email as early as possible. As of now companies like QatarGas, QP etc not insisting on that.

When you are hosting ERPNext with, we take care of your email delivery. But if you are hosting on-premise, you need to consider these things. Ofcourse, our support team can help you. send email to

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